Scottsdale Welding, Excavation Contractor and Welder
Scottsdale Welding, Excavation Contractor and Welder
Scottsdale Welding, Excavation Contractor and Welder
Scottsdale Welding, Excavation Contractor and Welder

Specializing in Welding, Excavation Contractor and Welder

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Pipeline Services

Earthquake Welding is a highly qualified and experienced company offering a broad range of pipeline services. More than a welding contractor, we’re equipped to complete many aspects of pipeline installation, inspection, and repairs as part of a streamlined and expedient service that guarantees safety and quality every time.

Ranked among the region's finest pipeline services providers, we install pipes for natural gas, oil and petroleum, underground utilities, and many other purposes. Our craftsmanship is continually unmatched, and our dedication to our clients’ satisfaction is unparalleled in the local industry.

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High-Grade Pipeline Welding, Excavation, Fabrication, and More

When companies across Arizona need a dependable and versatile pipeline services company that can complete all aspects of the installation, inspection, and ongoing maintenance of high-quality infrastructure, they turn to the proven team at Earthquake Welding.

Our multitalented and dedicated crew can perform a variety of pipeline-related services, including the following:

  • Metal fabrication
  • Pipe welding
  • Pipeline construction
  • Excavation
  • Sewer/underground utility services
  • Transmission water line construction
  • …and more

Building Fully Compliant and Safety-Conscious Pipelines

The quality and regulatory compliance of pipeline welding work play a critical role in the safe functioning of natural resource and utility pipelines. Boasting years of experience and industry-standard certifications and qualifications, our pipe-welding team brings an expert skill level and fieldwork-based expertise to every project.

Our deep familiarity with ever-evolving regulations ensures that the projects we work on are never out of step with safety recruitments and considerations. From construction to ongoing inspections and maintenance, we perform every phase of pipeline operations with the same consistent quality.

Earthquake Welding Is a Qualified and Experienced Pipeline Industry Leader

Since the founding of our company, we’ve grown to service many of the most prominent players in the fuel production and utility management industries. Our clients rely on us to ensure that the infrastructure they utilize to move natural gas, oil, petroleum, and other valuable resources across great distances is soundly engineered and rigorously maintained.

Our client list includes the following companies:

  • Caljet
  • Kinder Morgan
  • Circle K
  • Misstate Mechanical
  • …and many others

We’re honored to collaborate with these industry-leading businesses and see their trust in us as a valuable seal of approval.

Connect with an In-Demand Pipeline Services Company

Our track record of safely maintaining commercial-grade piping systems for countless industries and purposes, from underground utility lines to natural gas pipelines, speaks for itself.

What sets us apart from other pipeline services companies is our ability to see a project through from start to finish, ensuring a seamless pipeline construction process without logistical snags and time-consuming delays. We’re a dedicated and diligent team of welders, metal fabricators, excavation contractors, and more who work as a coherent and organized unit to build and support essential pipeline solutions for many industries.

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